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About 15 years ago, we started our painting business, specialized in painting urbanisations. Soon we discovered that the owners of the communities didn’t have any financial reserves. Even if there were any, there were unexpected high costs like huge electricity bills or a swimmingpool pump that had to be renewed, but money for a paintjob was not available.

That is why we introduced our unique concept: We paint your community now and you will pay us over a 4 year period. This means less pressure on the cashflow of the community and the certainly of guarantee on the paintwork. During the crisis our concept was even more appreciated, because maintenance was very important for the value and the image of the communities. A lot of communities used our services.

We have the privilege of living at maybe the most beautiful place in Europe. If we want to maintain this, we have to think about environment and keep this place a beautiful place for our children and grand children.

We use an enormous amount of paint and as you know, paint is not really an environment friendly product. Fortunately we ran into Dutch paint manufacturer Intergreen, which produces new paint out of chemical waste products, so there is no need for producing new dangerous products anymore. To us, this is a major contribution to the environment.

Pintor Comesoon guarantees you real quality and durable paintwork; Green in all colors! If you’re interested in a quotation for your paintwork, free of obligations, please contact us!